About Bio-Actif

Creators of natural products since 1968

A story of the heart

Bio-Actif is above all the story of the Duceppe family, a Quebec family passionate about nature and the benefits of the natural ingredients found there.

Founded in 1968 by Jacques Duceppe, an inventor with a big heart and pioneer in the development of natural products in Quebec, Bio-Actif was born from a very simple idea: to help Quebecers take care of their health. An idea that has come a long way since its beginnings in Jacques' father's house, rue De Lorimier in Montreal, Quebec.

Over the years, this visionary and nature lover has invested all his energy in building a family business whose sustainability can be ensured by the generations that survive him. Mission accomplished, Jacques.

Since 2021, his daughter Julie, who has worked in the company since the age of 15, has successfully taken over and is president. She is strongly supported by her mother, Jacques' wife, who has been there since the beginning, her partner Jocelyn, as well as her four children. The family also counts on the help of a dynamic team to continue offering flagship products, such as Bronchosyl and Flex-o-Flex, and to add new ones to their range of natural beauty products, which are particularly appreciated by a young clientele concerned about their well-being. In Jacques' memory, one thing has not changed for Julie and her mother: Bio-Actif natural health and beauty products continue to be made with heart, day after day. An ingredient that doesn't appear on any label, but you can feel it.

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A quality story

Bio-Actif offers natural health and beauty products that are good for body and soul. The quality of the natural ingredients used in the manufacturing of our products remains a priority to this day and has helped to build an enviable reputation.

Our products do not cause side effects and are made as you go, which contributes to their freshness and effectiveness.

A story of innovation

Since its creation, Bio-Actif has constantly innovated in order to offer natural health and beauty products that meet the expectations and demands of its loyal customers. And that’s not about to change!

Through research and molecular development, Bio-Actif is constantly seeking new solutions to treat, improve, relieve and prevent using ingredients from nature. Our goal: to help you take care of your health and well-being.

A story of respect

Made in our laboratories in Blainville, Quebec, our organic products respect both nature and biodiversity. After all, if Mother Nature can help us take good care of our health, it is completely normal and expected that we take care of her.

At Bio-Actif, the environment is very important to us. We have also reviewed the packaging of our natural health products to make them all 100% recyclable. Also, the packaging of our beauty products has moved from plastic to glass. We are constantly looking for new solutions to protect the environment and reduce our ecological footprint.

respect - Bio-Actif

A story to discover


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histoire1-1 - Bio-Actif

1968: Innovative cereal and Natur products

Légumol, the very first Quebec baby cereal incorporating fruits and vegetables, as well as the Natur range of innovative natural foods are born.

1971: Expansion of Natur

Natur manufactures and packages a large number of products made from natural ingredients, sold in health food stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.

1975: First health products

In collaboration with the company Consultants Survex, Foratol products were created in tablets and herbal teas. The tablets help to increase the production of bile, and the herbal teas to promote digestion, treat difficult digestion and stimulate it.

1976: A laboratory in Laval

Opening of a state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratory and analysis laboratory, led by expert chemists, to carry out research and development of food supplements from natural sources.

1985: Development accelerates

Manufacturing, analysis and packaging of the majority of natural products marketed in Quebec, including Provigo vegetable oil.

1986: Bronchosyl syrup

Jacques Duceppe sells and transfers a cold syrup called Pulmosirum and is working on the creation of a new, more efficient formula with natural active ingredients. A few years later, Bronchosyl, an emollient and pleasant-tasting syrup, appeared on the shelves.

1994: An investment in the great outdoors

Full financing of the infrastructures of Géronimo Plein air, an outdoor center which allows 6,000 children, aged 8 to 17, to experience an exciting adventure in the fabulous world of the circus during the summer season. An initiative of Sylvie Duceppe, president and director.

1995: First natural beauty products

With its extensive experience in natural health products, Bio-Actif surrounds itself with expert collaborators and develops its first range of natural beauty products in its laboratories.

1996: Sulfo-Genik garlic

Development of a superfood: Sulfo-Genik garlic, which helps maintain cardiovascular health.

1997: The benefits of glucosamine revealed with Flex-o-Flex

Jacques Duceppe creates Flex-o-Flex, a revolutionary natural product with no side effects to treat joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis and cartilage deterioration. Its advertising slogan, “Where it hurts,” still resonates in the heads of many Quebecers to this day.

2001: Adapting to new standards

Health Canada establishes that all natural health products must now obtain a license. To do this, the effectiveness of each product must be proven using at least two studies. In six years, Bio-Actif approved all of its natural health products and obtained a marketing license issued by government authorities for each of its products.

histoire4 - Bio-Actif

2004: Still expanding

Johanne Verdon, naturopath, becomes spokesperson for Bio-Actif natural health products.

2021: New presidency

Julie Duceppe, Jacques' daughter, takes the reins of the company and becomes president after the sad death of her father. She is assisted by her partner Jocelyn, her four children, as well as her mother who has known the company since its beginnings.